Kosovo – a flower and a stone

A Person Alarm clock goes off – 6:30 AM, time to get up. Another day at work. I gaze through the window – there’s snow outside. I’m thinking wtf. It was almost 30°C yesterday; it’s the end of April. I […]

Livanjski konji

European best kept secret

The idea to write about this country has been on my mind for a while now. A lot has been said about her; mostly in a negative or, at best, in a comic way. They say she’s European best kept […]


How do you travel that much!?

I love to travel. I enjoy traveling. For a person coming from Bosnia, one of the poorest, most corrupted and complicated country, and has a regular eight-hour job you could say that I travel a lot. People often think that […]

Pogrom Kosovo

Hitchhiking to Kosovo I – the road

Why? The story is inspired by my hitchhiking trip to Kosovo, the Serb Holy Land. It is based on true events, the participants of these events, my personal impressions and perceptions. Although it seemed like a dream few times, all the […]

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